Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Carl's Jr. Coupons

Today I only spent $2.25 on lunch. How did I manage this incredible feat? I had a buy one, get one free coupon from Carl's Jr. for their fish sandwich. The total came to $4.50 and I sold one sandwich to my friend Bubba. She is an aspiring Cheapy Chinese, and my partner in using BOGO coupons. I hope Carl's doesn't go out of business because of CC like Bubba and me. I'm sure Carl's wants BOGO coupon users to buy fries and drinks, but we didn't.

It was tasty, by the way. While McDonald's Filet-o-Fish has its own set of virtues (deep-fried fish square, tiny slice of cheese, and uncreased bun dome), the Carl's Jr. fish sandwich comes with tartar sauce, plus lettuce and tomato. Yummy!

Cotton Swabs

Q-Tips aren't that expensive, but a Cheapy Chinese knows how to make a package of 300 swabs last for years. Some days I use a Q-Tip to dip into my liquid make-up, then dot the foundation strategically over my face, to blend for maximum coverage. So, you may be asking, "What do you do with the unused end?"  What does any Cheapy Chinese do? I cut off the make-uppy end, toss it (obviously) and keep the unused part for later use (obviously). Here is a photographic illustration of this practice.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Free Birthday Corn Dog

I'm not that proud to admit this, but I got a free honey flour-coated, deep-fried chicken dog corn dog from Wienerschnitzel for my birthday, and ate it with glee. To get your free corn dog, just sign up for the Wienerschnitzel.com email list known as "Der Club" prior to your birthday.

B of A Free Museum Admission

If you have a Bank of America ATM or credit card (many of us Cheapy Chinese do because of BofA's presence in Chinatown), you can get into certain museums FREE on the first weekend of every month in 2010.  See this link.

Pizza Time

Yesterday, I went to a birthday party at my brother's house and took home practically an entire pizza. It is perfectly acceptable for a Cheapy Chinese to do this at a brother's house or if the host insists you take it because the pepperoni & cheese will give him a heart attack. Saving money and saving lives, that's what I do. My work is critical.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Why Am I Not Rich Yet?

One might think, with all the money I've saved by refusing to go up observation towers and reusing Ziploc bags, that I'd be rolling in the dough by now. The truth is, Cheapy Chinese have their vices too. For the Cheapy Chinese man, it has historically been gambling and smokes, for me, it's shoes, but that's not news.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Is the View Amazing Up There?

Cheapy Chinese do not place great value on pretty views, such as ocean views or skylines, especially when those views come with a cost. For example, it costs $20 to go to one of the observatory floors of the Empire State Building. The true Cheapy Chinese will opt to take a picture of the family in the lobby instead. Really, the art deco architecture of that building can be totally appreciated from the ground floor! Who knows if the view from the 86th or 102nd observation floors will be clear anyway? You can't get your money back if it's not. If a Cheapy Chinese is given the option of paying more for an ocean view at a hotel or on a cruise ship, we will almost always choose an inside room because, obviously, the view is free once you walk outside or onto a deck.